Thursday, August 20, 2009


The Organization of the Harlem Children’s Zone, Inc. By Ryan Ngala

The Harlem Children’s Zone, Inc. is a non-profit based program to inspire young kids and teens to become young leaders.

The organization of this program had started in 1970 as Rheedlen. Rheedlen worked with children and their families throughout the heart of Harlem. It began as the first truancy-prevention program in New York City..

The Harlem Children’s Zone started as a twenty four block area, then it grew to almost 100 blocks serving 7,400 children and 4,100 adults. It’s an organization that lets you get paid big bucks for good attendance, class, grades, and how many days you come in. A paycheck is when you sign invoices.

One of the newer programs at the Harlem Children’s Zone is the Baby College. This is a parenting workshop to help single mothers know how to raise a healthy and successful child.

The Future of the Harlem Children’s Zone is when kids and teens will be able to get along and work hard on their school work in order to make their parents very proud of them.

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